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My Services

Virtual Doula


Preparation (8 1 hr sessions via video call), birth, 4 postpartum calls

Baby Flutters


2 Prenatals,
Up to 2 hrs (in hospital) 6 hrs postpartum (in home),or
8 hrs postpartum (in home)

Baby Kicks


2 Prenatals,
Up to 2 hrs(in hospital) and 8 hrs postpartum (in home) or
10 hrs postpartum (In-home), and
Postpartum Basket

Baby Backflips


3 Prenatals,
Up to 2 hrs postpartum (in hospital/birthing center) and 12 hrs postpartum (in-home) or 14 hrs postpartum (in home) and postpartum basket

Fully Dialted!


3 Prenatals,
Childbirth Education,
Up to 2 hrs (in hospital/birthing center) and 14 hrs postpartum (in home),
16 hrs Postpartum (In-home),
Postpartum Basket

Birth Day!


2 Prenatal,
Birth, 2 hr postpartum

Pick My Doula Brain


1 hour of Birth Related Questions And Answers Session

Birth Cliftnotes


All you need to know to get ready for your Birth Day! 4 hrs max.

Childbirth Education


Different packages available

Placenta Encapslation


Sibling Care


Requires 2 hr min.

Daddy Doula


Support for daddy prior to the baby's arrival.

Fourth Trimester


Newborn-3 months old $35/hr (2 hrs min.) $45 Overnight (2 hrs min.)

Midwife's Assistant


Traveling Doula

Travel fee depends on the state my services are needed.

Pamper Me

Don't see a package you want then let's customize one for you!