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I'm a mom of 3 boys (13,11 and 10) year old. I delivered my youngest son by myself at home. All three of my sons are home schooled. I grew up delivering baby animals every summer on my aunt's farm in Jamaica with her and my dad, which led to me wanting to be an OB. My senior year of high school, my dream was crushed after interviewing with a medical school and learning that natural births didn't seem to be high on the list in their required trainings. After. Completing my degree in Social Science and finishing up another in Psychology, specializing in drug and alcohol abuse and recovery, it was suggested that I become a Doula. I trained with Ancient Song Doula Services in Brooklyn, NY in 2012, and seven years later I'm a preconception educator, childbirth educator, placenta encapsulator, traveling Doula and Midwife Assistant. **Womb massage therapy coming soon.**

Questions and Answers

From the time that your pregnancy is confirmed to your due date and beyond, you can benefit from my Q&A doula services. Once you book your consultation block, I will be available to answer any questions you might have on everything from the first trimester up to the fourth trimester. With my years of experience caring for newborn babies, I understand that the first few months can be overwhelming so I'm just a phone call away.

Care for The Mother As Well As The Child

I’ll be by your side throughout your pregnancy and beyond, providing guidance to you, your family, and care for your newborn. I have extensive experience not only in caring and supporting moms before, during and after birth. I aim to strike a good balance between ensuring that you are fully educated and emotionally supported throughout your journey. If extra supported is needed, we can then explore my postpartum doula packages. I am flexible in the services that I provide whether it is for a few hours a week in the day or overnight, full-time or part-time.


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Get Supported

Virtual Doula


Preparation (8 1 hr sessions via video call), birth, 4 postpartum calls

Baby Flutters


2 Prenatals,
Up to 2 hrs (in hospital) 6 hrs postpartum (in home),or

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Baby Kicks


2 Prenatals,
Up to 2 hrs(in hospital) and 8 hrs postpartum (in home) or

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Baby Backflips


3 Prenatals,
Up to 2 hrs postpartum (in hospital/birthing center) and 12 hrs postpartum (in-home) or 14 hrs postpartum (in home) and postpartum basket

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Fully Dialted!


3 Prenatals,
Childbirth Education,

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Birth Day!


2 Prenatal,
Birth, 2 hr postpartum

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